Instructions for use Site

To enter the members area you can enter either from Farmakon or if you do not have the Computer Installed Farmakon from the Menu OF our site ONLINE orders.

A form such as the following Will appear. In the box next to the display Username You enter the user code given to you for the site. While next to the indication Password Given the secret password given to you. To username and the Password is the personal login information for the site which for your own safety Only you should know. The password is not visible so you must type it carefully (do not have the Caps Lock On the keyboard). After you have filled both fields, click Signin.

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You may receive a message asking if you want to save your username and password. Check the box and click on no(or Greek). If the import is successful you will see a new page with a menu at the top.

If an error occurs, we have the following situations:

1) If You receive a message that says you did not give correct username or correct password You must provide the correct. If you have forgotten one of the two contact the site administrator to remind you of your username and password.

2) If You receive the following message: “User name is in use by another user. ” Then or you have entered a few minutes ago in the members area without exiting normally from the system or another user is using your account on site. In any case it must be reported immediately to the administrator of the site.

3) If You receive another error message such as “an Error occurred for your introduction to the system.” Contact the administrator to resolve the problem.

For detailed instructions on how to operate the application please refer to the following file: